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Who We Are

Muscleform is the trading name of Aviform Ltd for our sports nutrition and dietary products.

Aviform Ltd started manufacturing nutritional supplements back in 1978. We launched the Muscleform brand in 1999 and were one of the very first (possibly the first) in the UK to offer high quality nutritional supplements direct at low prices.

We have our own 9,000 sq ft production facility and warehouse, where we manufacture not only the Muscleform brand, but ‘private label’ products for other companies.

Finest Quality Guaranteed

Muscleform’s innovative products are formulated without compromise, using only the finest ingredients sourced from 'INFORMED SPORT' raw material suppliers, to ensure ultimate product quality and performance.

We have worked the same whey protein supplier since 2000.   In fact Muscleform were one of their very first customers in the UK.  They are now Europe’s premier supplier of whey protein raw material, offering probably what is the best whey protein money can buy.

We are also approved by AlzChem as resellers of the Creapure® brand and by Bioceutical Research and development Laboratory (BR&D) as resellers of the Kre Alkalyn® brand.

Muscleform's innovative products are formulated without compromise, using only the finest ingredients from an approved and accredited network of trusted suppliers, to ensure ultimate product quality and performance.  We guarantee to use only 100% pure grade materials with no un-necessary added fillers, bulkers, sweeteners or flavourings.

A 'Certificate of Analysis' for each product is available to view on the appropriate product page.

To further ensure you are using the best available, Muscleform products are routinely and independently tested for purity. 

- The premises and processes of Muscleform’s facilities follow Good Manufacturing Practices and comply with all elements of the Food Safety Act and Food Hygiene Regulations.

Muscleform operates a fully maintained Quality Assurance Management System.  Full traceability from raw material intake to finished product is documented and maintained. Muscleform uses batch-manufacturing techniques and HACCP Standards.

Our quality assurance and compliance processes are fully inspected annually by Trading Standards.

Enjoy products that are fully guaranteed for complete satisfaction and complimented by unrivalled customer service levels.


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