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The finest quality protein powders from MUSCLEFORM. Choose from Whey Protein Isolate or Concentrate from an INFORMED-SPORT source, a selection of Time Release Protein Blends, Slow Release Milk Protein or a Meal Replacement. 

Whether consumed as a Post Workout Shake or a Meal Replacement, MUSCLEFORM have the ideal protein source for your dietary requirements at unbeatable prices.

We guarantee MUSCLEFORM protein products are free from any unnecessary fillers, bulkers, low grade protein sources and are not spiked with cheap amino acids, all of which are commonly used to lower costs.

Why take protein?
Protein has a well established reputation in sport nutrition, helping to restore and build muscle after physical activity. Now studies have shown that protein can help in the battle against obesity by increasing satiety level and thus reducing hunger and calorie intake.

Protein as we age.
Protein is the major component of muscle and as people age, the ability to develop and maintain muscle declines (where muscle loss is accelerated it's known as Sarcopenia). The most effective method of upholding lean muscle throughout life is to combine moderate exercise with the regular consumption of protein.

Scientifically proven.
Protein has the following 'EFSA' Approved Claims. Contributes to maintenance and growth of muscle mass. Contributes to maintenance of normal bones.

How much protein should I consume? 
As an approximate guide to your overall dietary protein intake per kg bodyweight, based on the following goals, we would recommend:  
Bodybuilding 2-3g per kg;
Endurance Sports; 1.5-2g per kg;
Power Sports 2-2.5g per kg;
Dieting 0.5-2g per kg.