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Cycling - Malcolm holds a 1st Cat license, which makes him the only over 50yrs 1st Cat in the UK.

I began training at about 20yrs old. Starting with a bodybuilding approach and then finding my love for strength training and becoming a Powerlifter at 25yrs to present.

I did my first competiton in 2016. where I won my weight class and qualified for the British Finals. In 2018 I competed in another Regional and National competition where I placed 10th in Britain. I also hold the East Midlands records for the highest Squat and Total in the 105kg weight class.

As a drug tested competitor, I know I can trust Muscleform to supply clean products with high-quality ingredients at the correct dosage. I use a number of the products but two of my favourites are: Avi-94 Whey Isolate Protein - Natural Raspberry or Banana taste great, very high Protein per scoop and they mix easily without lumps. Uber-Pump Pre Workout. I personally like the Stim-free option so I can add my own caffeine if necessary. 


I first started training at the age of 15, at 20 years old I competed at the BNBF Central 2006 where I placed 2nd earning me qualification for the BNBF British finals. In 2007 I returned as a junior competitor winning the BNBF Central and placing second at that year's British finals.

In 2010 I returned with hopes of being in the running for a qualification in my weight class and getting to the British. I entered the local Anglian bodybuilding show where I placed second, I then decided to compete early at the BNBF Welsh with the hope of an early qualification where I exceeded my own expectations and won the heavyweight class, best legs in show and the overall.

At the British, I exceeded what I thought possible winning the heavyweight class, best legs, best presentation and the overall British winning my pro card and the British champion sword. That took me to the USA with the British team to compete in the Yorton Cup in Washington.

In 2012 I entered the DFAC pro grand Prix, I then went on to the DFAC worlds in Miami to place 3rd in the pro men. 2014 I competed in the DFAC pro grand Prix coming 3rd and the World's coming in 5th. In 2016 I did the DFAC pro grand Prix coming in third once again and went on to compete at the world's coming 4th.

In 2018 I competed in the DFAC pro grand Prix taking the win and went on to the DFAC worlds to come in second place.

Muscleform's support in providing me with top quality supplements has been very important, I believe them to be of the best quality and good value for money while keeping quality and efficacy at the forefront of priorities. 


I first started training when I was 19 inspired by the strongmen competitions I had watched on TV. I soon realised I was more suited to bodybuilding though and after 7 years I entered my first competition finishing flat last and taking away many valuable lessons. I quickly gained weight in the following years which put me in the super heavy weight category, since then I have won many regional shows and national qualifiers, to many to list or even remember! I’ve been to the British finals on many occasions placing in the top 6, top 4 being my best. Above all I just love training, placings are a bonus!

I first found Muscleform in 2005 and have used their products consistently, I believe their products to amongst the most credible supplements out there today!

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